Reviving Stories of Epic Muslim History

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I'm Tamara Haque - strategist by day, writer by night. Here to help decolonise bookshelves and help build love for diverse & Muslim children's books. Our stories deserve to be told without prejudice!

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Winner of Muslim Bookstagram Awards Best Children's Non-Fiction

Changing misconceptions one hero at a time. This much needed children’s book empowers children with stories of 20 famous and little known Muslim heroes who were trailblazers.

They are trailblazers who opened the doors to education, made remarkable discoveries, fought for women’s rights, led powerful armies, and believed in their dreams.

Love for Mighty Muslim Heroes

  • Jaida, UK

    Such an awesome and inspiring book! I love that it covers characters from history from both genders. Such an interesting read for my children as well as myself and a great introduction to some incredible leaders from all walks of life. Recommend it for all home, school, and public libraries!

  • Shifa, US

    I just love this new book!! I appreciate how the book started with 3 Sahaba, two of whom are women! In fact; my favorite part of the book was it was JAMPACKED with women. They were center stage, not outliers!! It truly shows how Islam empowers women. This resource must be bought and used for homeschoolers, Islamic schools, and gifted to public schools and libraries.

  • Raheen, US

    LOVED this book ! Very well researched and well written with beautiful illustrations, makes it an interesting read for kids of all ages. My 7 yr old was totally engaged and enjoyed reading this book.
    I would highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to know / learn / intoduce your kids to Muslim heroes. We are using it as an add-on to our homeschool history curriculum.

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