Activities & Resources

Activity Booklet

Find a range of fun and engaging activities to help children enjoy Stories of 20 Mighty Muslim Heroes eve more.

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Teaching Guide

A Teaching Guide based on British Curriculum to help use the book, spark discussions and activities on a range of subjects.

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Kids 30 Days of Ramadan Kindness

Encourage your kids to do good deeds everyday this Ramadan with the Ramadan 30 Days of Kindness Challenge.

A free printable to prompt your kids to earn more reward during the blessed month.

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Daily Dhikr & Dua for Kids

Inspire your kids to make dua and dhikr daily with this easy to read printable. Arabic, transliteration, and translation are provided for each one. The benefits and rewards are also provided from hadith.

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Ramadan Dhikr & Dua

Find Ramadan duas, morning and evening dhikr, quranic duas, and etiquette of dua, to maximise your dua during Ramadan and throughout the year.

Print the document and refer to it whenever you want. Or cut out each dua and paste around your home for reminders.

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