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Tamara Haque sitting and smiling wearing dress with tatreez

Salaam & Hello!

Tamara Haque here - strategist by day, writer by night. I'm a Bangladeshi-Australian with roots in Saudi Arabia; memories in Malaysia; and my home in Sydney, Australia.

I learnt about orientalism, post-colonialism, and the global north-south relationship during my Masters and my rage found meaning. I set out on the quest to help decolonise bookshelves for myself and for kids.

I am a proud and unapologetic Muslim. I want to revive Muslim history for children through engaging books, give inspiring role models, and change misconceptions. Muslim women and men have been doing awesome things since Prophet Muhammad's SAW time. The world (and Muslims) need to know.

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10 Things About Me

1. I once slipped on a banana peel. Just like in cartoons.

2. I can speak four languages, read six.

3. I have been to 22 countries so far.

4. I have one younger sister.

5. I prefer mountains over beaches.

6. Although I love Sydney's ocean cliff views.

7. I once had a pet turtle named Terence.

8. I love escape rooms.

9. I love food from anywhere in the Middle East.

10. I am Plant Mom to over 30 plant babies.