The Book Creators

The women who made this book possible


- Ghada Ezzat, Illustrator –

Ghada Ezzat is a freelance illustrator who loves working on children’s books, card games and portraits. Ghada also owns an online gift shop. When Ghada isn’t working, she loves doing crafts with her son Younis. She also loves reading, taking photos of everyday life and cooking delicious meals that her son and husband will devour.

Facebook: Ghada Ezzat Art


 - Soundos Rezig, Illustrator –

Soundos Rezig is a Toronto based illustrator. Canadian born and of Algerian descent, she didn’t see much representation of Muslim and Women of Colour in the animation and illustration world when growing up. Through her illustrations, Soundos highlights and shares the cultural diversity of her African and Muslim roots. Her aim is for children to see their image reflected in her artistic vision that is inclusive of everyone.

Instagram: @sounbosie


–Trisha Bose, Illustrator –

Trisha Bose is an artist, who lives in New Delhi, India. She paints to feed herself and her family of dogs. She likes said dogs, history, fantastical adventures, and very spicy food. When she gets some free time, she shops to restock her snack cabinet, and makes a lot of fan art. She prefers hills to beaches, and tea to coffee!


– Ellen Kokontis, Book Designer –

Ellen was born in Chicago and grew up in the city’s southwest suburbs. Throughout high school, she cultivated her interest in drawing and writing in classes at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Columbia College. She went on to Knox College, where she majored in art history and English literature and was the editor-in-chief of Catch, Knox’s award-winning literary magazine. She has worked in children's publishing since 2009.


- Alice Wieckowska, Book Trailer Animator –

Alice is an experienced artist who tells stories through art. Alice loves putting the spark into children’s books by creating book trailers, animations, character designs, and illustrations. UK based, cat loving, and always looking for a new artistic challenge.