About Olive Tree Books

Olive Tree Books

I set out on the children's author journey not knowing I would write more than one book. My goals with Stories of 20 Mighty Muslims were to give children inspiring Muslim role models, revive Muslim history, and change misconceptions.

Changing misconceptions help break stereotypes and build bridges among communities. We raise awareness of issues, injustice and oppression and find a way to change them for future generations. This is an ongoing path that will take years to help build harmony, inclusivity and peace. It requires a solid foundation, a foundation that is of benefit to others. My first book Stories of 20 Mighty Muslim Heroes helped children (and adults) connect to Muslim history, it built understanding between diverse Muslim communities, it helped change misconceptions for some non-Muslims.

And that's how Olive Tree Books was born. The olive tree is referred to as a blessed tree in the Quran and by Prophet Muhammad SAW. It provides nutrition, comfort, and many other uses. It is a tree that lasts for many decades. It is also a symbol for Palestinians of their connection to their land.

We want our books to bring blessings to whoever reads them, we want them to be of benefit, we want them to build understanding in this fractured world. We also want them to be unapologetically Muslim, standing in resistance with all those oppressed and maligned in the world.

May there be barakah in Olive Tree Books. Ameen.